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Two Popular As Seen on TV Acne Treatments

As seen on TV acne products have dominated the daytime and nighttime infomercial era. There are many different acne products currently available everywhere and now featured for a limited time in some retail stores too for a special price.


Proactiv is known to be the best top selling acne treatment solution in the Unites States. The formula has been improved on a regular basis to provide the best results for its consumers.

Proactiv has had many spokespersons representing the company such as Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Simpson, Julianne Hough and most recently Katy Perry has joined in the cast representing Proactiv products.

Proactiv is a three step system a dermatologist developed to help with clearing acne and preventing future breakouts. Their three step system consists of a Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Lotion Treatment. All three of these acne fighting products work together to fight acne, and prevent future breakouts.

Proactiv has released several new products such as their micro-crystal acne medication which helps to quickly penetrate pores with a focus of eliminating acne at a faster rate. Several other products Proactiv has come out with are the Green Tea Moisturizer, Refining Mask, a book of a doctor’s guide to clear skin called, “The Doctor’s Secret to a Lifetime of Clear Skin”.  Additional products consist of Oil Free Moisture with SPF 15, Daily Oil Control, and Deep Cleansing Wash.  The product is easy to use only requiring to be used twice a day, preferable morning and night.

SkinID Acne Solution

SkinID acne treatment solution by Neutrogena Dermatologics which through their clinical results were found to be twice as fast as Proactiv’s acne three step treatment system. SkinID’s current spokesperson is actress and environment activist Hayden Panettierre

SkinID is more of a personalized acne solution to pinpoint the consumer’s acne problem and their needs at a faster rate with better results. Neutrogena Dermatologics has created a questionairre that is evaluated and is then used to figure out the best 3-product acne kit.  This acne solution has been clinically proven and is said to be guaranteed to work with all different acne problems and skin types. The SkinID acne treatment kits includes a Gel Cleanser, Anti-Acne Treatment and a Moisturizer.  Neutrogena has said they have the largest clinical trial to date and that 100% of their SkinID patients showed healthier and clearer skin within approximately two weeks of using the product.

The primary goal of using any acne treatment to relieve the inflammation, clogged pores, bacteria buildup, and remove dead skin cells. The duration of acne treatment normally would take about six to eight weeks to improve the skin and prevent future breakouts from occurring in the future.