Can the Birth Control Pill Help Fight Acne?

Some birth control pill brands state that they can help fight acne.  Are you considering taking the pill for this reason? Make sure you’re aware of the facts first.

Some women find that acne and hormones are very connected. Some women and young girls are exhausted from their seemingly never-ending fight against acne and want to just be rid of it for good without taking on a hard core multifaceted skin regimen several times a day, every day.  Oral contraceptives could be something worth considering, especially due to the fact that many people share positive reviews of birth control pills for acne problems.

The Birth Control Pill isn’t for Everyone

Not all women find the pill to be agreeable. Some women find that the hormonal changes make them moody and cause weight gain.  There are also some significant risks associated with birth control pills, particularly if you smoke or are over the age of 35.  While the pill isn’t right for every woman, the fact that it could help with acne does make some women interested in giving it an honest try. Be sure to be 100 % up front with your physician so that you can decide, together, if oral contraceptives are right for you.

How Oral Contraceptives Can Help with Acne

Oral contraceptives alter a woman’s hormones so that she won’t ovulate. That same process can suppress the hormones that cause excessive sebum in many acne sufferers. That sebum can clog the pores and cause breakouts and the diminished amount of it can make a positive difference.  Many people find that their acne quickly clears up and that they have much fewer breakouts when on certain birth control pills.  The anti-androgenic effects of the birth control can help improve mild acne and in some cases has helped make a difference with more severe acne as well.

Weighing Your Options

Talk to your doctor if you’d like to weigh your options. Some women find that the pill does have a period of adjustment for them but that it can serve several purposes, such as regulating their period (or in the case of some birth control pills, stopping their period altogether) , improving difficult  PMS symptoms, clearing up their skin, and…of course… preventing pregnancy all at the same time.

If you do decide to try the pill, do watch for and be prepared for potentially unpleasant side effects while your body shifts and gets accustomed to the pill. And remember, too, that it can take up to a full cycle for the pill to properly prevent pregnancy.

The pill, alone, might not be enough for severe acne but could, in conjunction with a good acne-fighting skin care regimen and good acne fighting products make a difference.

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